CLOAK // In this self-titled inaugural release, we've set out to explore the textobject and its relationship to ideations of concealment / surveillance / visibility. We have assembled CLOAK as a starting point. The first flourish of the stealth weapon / integumentary drape / vestigial skin.
SLASHER REDUXXX // SLASHER REDUXXX bends experience into abstraction. It speaks through the disembodied voices of the void. Shattered strata. Pulled teeth. Nondescript viscera. In the spaces between words, submerged in warm blood, under cold earth.
EXIT REALITY // Articulated through outdated technologies and rudimentary interfaces, Ryan Raymond Buell's work explores sousveillance and loneliness in the hyper-online zones of the digital world.
THE NEW UTOPIA // A mosaic descent into the fringes of the underworld. Two detectives stalk through the reality of their own dreams. A murdering spiritualist converses with his victim. Street addresses go missing. Abandoned buildings speak to one another. Voyeuristic loners mythologize what they see in the shadows. And at the center of it all is one woman.
PANOPTICON [fragments] / Bentham's Panopticon is a compelling example of pre-modern thought around visibility and surveillance. Here, re-examined through the virulent design of the multidisciplinary publishing project, CLOAK.
DANCE OF UTTER DARKNESS / Two cops scry new crime and punishment from the entrails of sacrified critters.
UNTO THE UMBILICUS // There is always something more to find. Another turn unexamined or alcove unlit. Enter the UMBILICUS and feel for the language carved beyond the veil of your gaze. Embrace the poor image.
how to hide a body // In search of an escape from the totality of the geopolitical gaze
THE HOUSE INSIDE THE HOUSE OF GREGOR SCHNEIDER // A narrator is trapped inside a house, where their search for an exit ends up only adding to its walls, its ceilings, its floors, its rooms.
SCRIMS // Access the SCRIMS, riffle through the folder, listen to the crooning voices and buzzing static.
CLOAK ASSET PAK // A collection of 150+ assets created and used by CLOAK to assemble our digital and print releases.
OFFAL OPACITIES // An intricate weave of lyrical, personal, and theoretical essays explorind digital visibility, corporeal leakage, and unstable identity authored by D.M. Closet.
EXTRAWBERRY // A strawberry walkthrough, in full virtual realism. A congregation of downward motions. An effegy for the scrollbar.
BODIES LIKE MEAT // The landscape watches you squirm. Your employers take note of every twist and contortion.
RELENTLESS // The endless poetic assault. The text is an animal that desires survival.
AN EXCHANGE IN DEMONOLOGY [Print Edition] // A series of zines exploring the relationship between demonology, political theory, and the erotic.
WRECKDOM // A work of intense confrontation and examination. Logan Berry articulates a new limb in the theater of surveillance.