The CLOAK is a means of obfuscation. Not by rendering itself undetectable, but rather by creating a surface which conceals its contents. Allowing for the user to detect action, but not to discern what that particular action really is.

A blurring flourish / stealth weapon / a vestigial skin

The role of the object is two-fold. First to position itself as something independent of the user (which does not rely on the subject’s capacity to interface). And second, to observe / document its environment—looking back as it is looked upon. Articulating a multi-directionality within the acts of READING & VIEWING.

The CLOAK is an anti-solarist tool. Its creation is distinctly digital. The text is written on a computer. In Word, Google Drive, Notepad. Its shape is arranged on InDesign, PowerPoint, Rhino. Its body is produced by IngramSpark, KDP, BookMobile.

We would like to thank German Sierra, Daymian Snowden, Logan Berry, William Watson, Danika Stegeman LeMay, Michael and Adrienne Gower, Chase P-G, Tristan James, Feral Dove, Logan Jones, Jace Britain, Jake Reber, Jared Billings, and Alec Vohnoutka for their support as material witnesses to the mass beneath the cloak.